4 Things to know about Arts Unlocked London

1. Who we are: A fresh, new company
Arts Unlocked London is a new organization that delivers specialist tours and informative experiences to small groups of visitors and residents in London, within its museums and galleries. Our tours and other education programmes focus specifically on the Capital's rich and vibrant arts sector, and will eventually cover the fine and visual arts, architecture, fashion, jewellery, theatre, music and literature. We deliver tours for families with children as well as for adult groups. Our aim is to ignite a passion for the arts in children, and re-ignite or sustain it in adults.

2. We're part of a wider community of museum professionals
The AUL Experts are part of the same professional community and have come together to deliver high quality, specialist tours for small groups of creative visitors and residents of London.
Our aim is to provide an unusual and in-depth insight into the world of arts in London, delivered by its arts professionals. All of our experts have been educated to postgraduate level at London's art schools and are specialists in their field. Each expert adds personal character to the tour given, leading tours primarily in the institutions where they have worked and trained. Meet us...

We are supported by a network of affiliates who help with specialist advice and information for our tour content. These affiliates are across the world, from the exhibitions department of London’s National Portrait Gallery to Princeton University, USA. When the Affiliates come to town and are free, they often deliver tours with us. If you get an affiliate as your guide, you are in for a treat!

3. It’s a family thing...
Antonia and Davinia Gregory Family
Arts Unlocked London is the brainchild of sisters Antonia and Davinia Gregory. Davinia's background is in Art and Design history and Antonia's is in Business Administration. The idea for AUL as it exists now was developed between them via Skype in June 2013, when Davinia was in Jamaica on a research trip and Antonia was volunteering at a school in Honduras. Since then, both sisters have returned to the UK and scaled back their other work commitments in order to put in the groundwork needed to turn Arts Unlocked London from the rice-grain idea that it was in June 2013, to what it is now: a real arts organization with an interesting vision.

4. Our Vision: Working with Arts Emergency
The Arts Unlocked Experts are all academics and museum professionals; we have been through the extensive periods of study and unpaid interning necessary to enter the field nowadays. We know first-hand how difficult and expensive careers in the arts can be to build and sustain. To support UK museums in their mission to broaden intellectual accessibility to the arts, we aim to help level the economic playing field in art and design history careers by establishing two, three-day courses to take place on a rolling basis throughout the academic summer break each year: Introduction to Art History and Making Sense of Modern Art. 10% of annual profit is saved to pay for Further Education College students (aged 16-18) from London who are interested in museum careers, to take some of these places free of charge. The students are chosen on a means and talent tested basis. The students are sourced by the charity Arts Emergency, whom we are delighted to be working with! Read more about the collaboration on our blog...