Alex Rodriguez Suarez

Alex grew up in Barcelona, Spain, moving to London in 2006 to study for an MA in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies at Royal Holloway, University of London. He has recently completed his PhD in King's College London's centre for Hellenic studies; his thesis was entitled The Western Presence in the Byzantine Empire during the Reigns of Alexios I and John II Komnenos. Alex has worked at the National Portrait Gallery since 2007 and has given tours and talks there, specializing in the Greek and Roman presences in many of its paintings. Another of his main interests is imperial portraiture and its changes over time.

Alex's London: Alex loves exploring the UK's archeological sites and often jokes that his London at least 1000 years old. However in truth, he knows just as much about 18th century neoclassical British Architecture as about his 12th century specialism. This makes him an invaluable asset to Arts Unlocked. Alex developed Arts Unlocked's tour of the British Museum for adult groups and is one of the experts who delivers it. He also gives tours of The Portrait Gallery, the V&A and the National Gallery, with equal dexterity in English and Spanish.