Estela Mendes

Estela was born and raised in Lisbon, where she obtained her BA (Hons) in Art History and a Post Graduate Degree in Museum Studies. Her research background is in Costume Design, and for seven years she worked in the education departments of Museums and Galleries, devising costumed Living History re-enactment projects for them. Her love for London's museums was such that she relocated to work within them; firstly at the Victoria & Albert Museum where she was in her element with the fashion, textiles, and jewellery collections. She still counts the V&A as one of her favourite places in London. Her career path has most recently led her to the National Portrait Gallery, where she has delivered many gallery talks, mainly focusing on Fashion.

Estela's London: "What makes London such an interesting city is the people. I love to find small and quiet streets, and wander in the markets. There is nothing better than sitting outside a coffee shop just watching the stylish and creative people passing by."