National Gallery

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Tour for Adults: The Master Painters Tour
Our curious Experts love nothing better than wandering through the National Gallery. Its highlights can be difficult to see among the crowds and some of its most engaging works are lesser known paintings, which can be tricky to spot. Your Arts Unlocked Expert will guide you through the National Gallery, sharing our favourites with you in a relaxed and conversational way. The Master Painters tour covers art from the middle ages to the 20th century, focusing on well-known pieces and our personal favourites, without jargon and with a solid base in historical knowledge. In addition, if there is any area that you would prefer to spend more time on, do let us know in advance via the bookings form and your Expert will be happy to accommodate you.
(Price: £250 per group, Duration: 2.5hrs)

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Tour for Families: Mini Masters’ Learning and Drawing Tour
National GalleryHow better to teach young ones about art than to have them draw in the National Gallery with a professional artist? The Mini Masters' Tour gets families delving beyond the frames of the Gallery's most beautiful paintings, telling the stories of their creation and ensuring that children never forget the masterpieces they have seen. They will be inspired to draw like Da Vinci, see the world through the eyes of Renoir and think like Holbein for a day. Bringing history and art to life is the aim, and this tour gets the whole family involved in the wonders of the National Gallery.
(Price 270 per group, Duration 3 hours)