Victoria and Albert Museum

Arguably the most famous decorative arts museum in the world, the V&A boasts 6 miles of gallery space with art and design from all continents and many periods of history. The common mistake of the first time tourists is to miss the V&A because of its focus on designed objects rather than painting, but to London culture enthusiasts it is a staple. Commissioned as a labour of love by Queen Victoria herself, the very building is a work of art worth seeing on any trip to London. Our V&A experts have studied and worked within the museum, most often on its joint Design History MA and PhD programmes with the Royal College of Art.

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Tour for Adults: Introduction to the V&A
This specialist tour explores the world through the V&A’s vast collection, from Britain through India, China, Japan and the Middle East. Your Arts Unlocked Expert will also take you chronologically from the Medieval and Renaissance Galleries to Contemporary Design - and by artistic medium – from sculpture to silver, stained glass to textile. You’ll see the building in a new light as its fascinating architectural history is revealed to you. Each expert who leads a V&A tour has worked or studied within it, so allow your V&A specialist to wend their way through time and space with you as they unlock the secrets of these objects, and leave London feeling as though you have seen the entire world. Keywords: Design, British History, World History
(Price £250, Duration: 2.5hrs)

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Tour for Families: Down the Rabbit Hole at the V&A
Down the Rabbit Hole Tour The Victoria & Albert Museum is a treasure trove of objects to ignite the young imagination. We love this museum because children are invited to touch and play - to try costumes, to make rubbings of old coins: to learn about times gone by through immersion. This family tour of the V&A is a Wonderland-type experience. First you will be taken to the farthest reaches of the museum. Then, with a map and a series of cryptic riddles, you will try to find the way out of the maze that is the V&A; with a knowledgeable and child-focused Arts Unlocked Expert to guide the way. Step through the looking glass as your children are led through each of the museum’s many worlds. Watch them learn about art, design and history through active play, and play along yourself.
(Price: £250 per group, Duration: 2.5hrs, recommended age range: 4-13yrs)